Monday, December 27, 2004

Followup to ID post

For any readers that want to dispute my summary dismissal of intelligent design: the National Academies (of Science, Engineering and Medicine) have been, since they were formed by Lincoln, the main source of technical advice to the government. They have a page on evolution & education, and an book discussing the issue (online, if you want, or else available as a paperbook).

Below is the description of this book from the Nattional Academies Press:

While the mechanisms of evolution are still under investigation, scientists universally accept that the cosmos, our planet, and life evolved and continue to evolve. Yet the teaching of evolution to schoolchildren is still contentious. In Science and Creationism, The National Academy of Sciences states unequivocally that creationism has no place in any science curriculum at any level.

Briefly and clearly, this booklet explores the nature of science, reviews the evidence for the origin of the universe and earth, and explains the current scientific understanding of biological evolution. This edition includes new insights from astronomy and molecular biology.

Attractive in presentation and authoritative in content, Science and Creationism will be useful to anyone concerned about America's scientific literacy: education policymakers, school boards and administrators, curriculum designers, librarians, teachers, parents, and students.


Anonymous said...

The last time I checked, it was called Federal Insurance Contribution Act, and the law bases benefits on contributions. If you want a means-tested retirement, take it out of the general fund. It is so nice that Mr. Williams is willing to reduce my social security "benefit" to only 80% when I retire. I agree with this far more than his other approach, which is to raise "Bill Gates" payment rates. I am sick of people who jealously look at what others make and try to pass laws (or get the courts) to take it. All you who think taxes are too low, write a check to the US Treasury and pay your fair share. But get your damn hand out of my pocket! I am NOT rich.
As for the social security problem being a figment of George Bush's imagination, I remember a candidate named Al Gore who wanted a "lock box" because of social security being a problem. And then a guy named William Jefferson Clinton taling about it in his second inauguration as an essential reform.
You are right about one thing; your perspective depends on your politics.

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