Sunday, September 04, 2011

Just give up and fight, already

Some sort of local tipping point as people read about the ozone decision - now even my friends are fed up with Obama.

The first year or so of his presidency wasn't surprising if you'd read his books. If you look at the policies and discount the pretty rhetoric, he's not especially liberal - about where the Clintons are. And sure, he's avoiding the angry black man thing. And, sure he's prioritizing in a bad economy, and so on. And most importantly, he really believes strongly in the importance of re-establishing a center in American politics. And I agree, that's a great goal.

But that ain't gonna happen, and he should have figured this out by now. Instead, he keeps moving rightward, leaving the left stretched thinner and thinner behind him ... and every time he does, instead of moving in to meet him part way, Team Red just scuttles further away to the right.